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So, the Steelers, Superbowl champions, have lost twice to the Bengals, once to the Raiders, Chefs, and Bears, but defeated the Vikings, Chargers, and Broncos. What is wrong with this picture? Can you say “playing down to your opponent”? WTF mate? If the coaching staff can’t get the team up to play the crap teams of the NFL, then how can they win in the playoffs? Ugh!


Media Bias Rant

So, the Golden Brown-White-Yellow golfer isn’t as squeaky clean as has been advertised.  So what.  Everyone is human.  Howevah, why is the whole Tiger thing being poo-pooed by media outlets?  The Vest will tell you why……MONEY.  No media outlet wants Eldric pissed at them and will do anything they can to sweep this whole “auto accident” under the rug.  Just look at where this story gets buried on the Worldwide Leader’s website…

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  • Rams RB Jackson set to start | NFL inactives
  • Tebow, Florida crush FSU Video | Bowden’s future
  • Gerhart burns Irish | AD denies coaching search
  • Broncos’ McDaniels defends self against scrutiny
  • Davydenko leaps past Del Potro to win ATP final
  • E. Illinois assistant football coach killed in crash
  • Colts DE Freeney won’t play Sunday vs. Texans
  • Authorities await interview with Woods Video | Blog
  • Look at the white knuckle, gripping stories that rate ahead of Tiger’s foray into infidelity.  Its a freaking joke.  If Big John Daly so much as lets out a wet fart, all the media outlets are all over the story and pontificate as to what led to the colossal meltdown.  And what’s with the authorities waiting for an interview?  Does the popo now schedule investigations at the convenience of the party of interest?

    Fair and balanced my ass.  As usual, the almighty $ is king.  Here’s to you, Big John.  At least you had a quiet weekend.

    Steelers – Chefs random thoughts

    This just in. The Steelers special teams suck. Nice knowing you, Jeff Reed.  I look forward to bidding on your Superbowl rings on e-bay.

    Soooo, the Fetus has as many TD tosses as Ray Lewis has tackles.  Too bad Baltymoore has field turf and Ray has nothing to lick this week.  Except my ass.  Booyah.

    Chefs are making a game of it.  Leave it to the Steelers to play down to the competition.

    Wow.  Someone remind me why I picked up the Lions D.

    Bizarro world….Steelers tied with the Chefs and going into OT.  What’s next, a black president?

    Nice game Steelers.  You just lost to Kansas City.

    UGA Fans = UGH!

    So, recently the Vest’s other half purchased UGA – Tennesse Tech football tickets. Oddly enough, this game happens to be UGA’s homecoming game, which speaks volumes about the strength of the Mighty Golden Eagles.

    Having prior familial commitments, The Vest can’t make the game on Saturday.  Naturally, The Vest tried to pawn the tix off on some of Dawg nation.  Dawg fans would love the chance to attend homecoming against a patsy opponent, right? 

    Weak opponent?  Check.

    UGA homecoming?  Check.

    Decent weather?  Check.

    But nooooooooooo!  A survey of at least a half-dozen of self proclaimed “Dawg Fans” brought about the response of  “nah, the Dawgs suck this year”.

    What the hell, people?  Are you fans, or are you not.  Obviously NOT!  The ole Dawg bandwagon has handicap accessible hand rails and ramps for easy ingress and egress (nice vocabulary, huh).  Easy to get on, easy to get off.

    Up yours, Dawg “fans”


    Careful, don't fall off the bandwagon too hard!

    No habla jibber jabber

    Mexis in truckWell, The Vest sat down to watch a little MNF. Its been a few years since I saw anyone toss the old pigskin around. Now The Vest knows that TV isn’t free, and that ads have to be shown in order to bring amazing Technicolor into our homes. However, The Vest was puzzled by the first ad I had seen in about 50 years. An ad showing a fine looking truck came on, but the stereophonic audio assailing The Vest’s ears (yes, The Vest has ears) was in some sort of jibber jabber. Now The Vest knows that I’m in the US, and that Americans speak English.

    Confused, The Vest remembered hearing some migrant workers on the set speaking the same kind of jibber jabber. Thinking back, The Vest recalled that the workers said they were from Mexico.  Now why would there be Mexican jibber jabber advertisements shown on good ole US of A television?  Well, The Vest could only assume that while in storage, the US had went to war with Mexico and lost.  Using my high speed internet connection, The Vest quickly did some research to get the details of the most recent Spanish-American war.  Unfortunately, there was no record of a war with Mexico.  There were records of wars with Korea, some place called Viet Nam, Iraq, Drugs and Terror (never heard of those last two places).  But nothing about Mexico.

    When The Vest was last in the public eye, Americans spoke English.  The good ole US of A was happy to take immigrants, but those immigrants were quick to embrace and assimilate the American culture.  After all, they were coming to America for a better life.  So, logically, if someone moves from their home to another place to improve their lot in life, they would surely want to assimilate and blend in with their adopted home.  The Vest is thoroughly confused as to why there is jibber jabber being broadcast on good ole American TV stations.

    The Vest will do a little more research and get back with the readers.