8.0 Hours and Climbing

So, the Vest blew through 8.0 hours today.  Slowly but surely, the Vest is taking to the sky.

Today was slow flight and power on stalls.

Instructor:  slow flight maneuvers are required as part of the practical examination for the check ride.

The Vest:  Why the hell would the Vest want to go slow?

Instructor:  slow flight maneuvers simulate traffic patterns before landing and after takeoff.

The Vest:  The original question still stands.

Instructor:  let’s just move on.  Power on stalls simulate a blown takeoff or an excessive angle of attack while in flight.

The Vest:  So, stalls simulate how to recover after a screw up.

Instructor:  Exactly.

The Vest:  The Vest doesn’t plan for failure.  You don’t see people practicing falling down or practicing break ups or divorces.

Instructor:  Nonetheless, the correct reactions need to be practiced.

The Vest:  Ok, is this right?

 Instructor:  Give me the controls!  You are going to kill us!

Vest:  So, what’s next?  Practicing crashing and removing a catheter?


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