Steelers – Ravens, V2.0

Steelers – Ravens v2.0.  Nuff said.  A Steelers win keeps their slim playoff hopes alive, while it DOESN’T eliminate the ratbirds from the tournament of champions.  This should be a good, nasty, dirty game.  Now, a preview as the Vest sees it….

Gay Ray enters the field. Gay Ray gets all knifey again

Screaming: “Wooooo.  Dogs in the house!  Praise the Lord and this glorious day!”

Inaudibly: “Imma get all stabby again today.  Aint no Steelers gonna take down Gay Ray and the Ratbirds”.

<Ray stabs multiple players after piling on a tackle for a five yard gain>

Gay Ray:  “Huh?  Whatchu talking about?  What blood?  Praise the Lord.  Everyone calls me big brother Ray.  I’m way holier than Tony Dungy.  I would never harm a fellow brother.”

Inaudibly:  “Damn.  How Immma gonna get outta dis one.  Snap!  I know…”

Mr Wolf:  “So what seems to be the problem here.  Oh… I see what the problem is.  Well, just listen to the Wolf, and everything will be ok”

Five minutes later….

Gay Ray:  “What blood?  I tolz you Brother Ray can’t hurt a fellow brother”

Inaudibly:  “Note to self…  kill da Wolf when I get out.  Cracker knows too much”


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