Media Bias Rant

So, the Golden Brown-White-Yellow golfer isn’t as squeaky clean as has been advertised.  So what.  Everyone is human.  Howevah, why is the whole Tiger thing being poo-pooed by media outlets?  The Vest will tell you why……MONEY.  No media outlet wants Eldric pissed at them and will do anything they can to sweep this whole “auto accident” under the rug.  Just look at where this story gets buried on the Worldwide Leader’s website…

  • Sources: Giants’ Manning faces new foot issues
  • Reports: Winless Nets set to fire Frank | Blog
  • Rams RB Jackson set to start | NFL inactives
  • Tebow, Florida crush FSU Video | Bowden’s future
  • Gerhart burns Irish | AD denies coaching search
  • Broncos’ McDaniels defends self against scrutiny
  • Davydenko leaps past Del Potro to win ATP final
  • E. Illinois assistant football coach killed in crash
  • Colts DE Freeney won’t play Sunday vs. Texans
  • Authorities await interview with Woods Video | Blog
  • Look at the white knuckle, gripping stories that rate ahead of Tiger’s foray into infidelity.  Its a freaking joke.  If Big John Daly so much as lets out a wet fart, all the media outlets are all over the story and pontificate as to what led to the colossal meltdown.  And what’s with the authorities waiting for an interview?  Does the popo now schedule investigations at the convenience of the party of interest?

    Fair and balanced my ass.  As usual, the almighty $ is king.  Here’s to you, Big John.  At least you had a quiet weekend.


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