Week 12 picks

10 of 16.  Below the Vest’s average, but not bad.

Green Bay at Detroit – Packers. Never bet on Detroit.

Oakland at Dallas – I went out on a limb and it paid off last week. No limb this week. I’m homo for Romo.
N.Y. Giants at Denver – Do the Broncos bounce back? Nope. Gents.  Coughlin just made my enemies list.  Brandon Jacobs netted the Vest a whopping 5 points in the loss.  Bitch Peyton is not Peyton.  Run the damn ball already.

Seattle at St. Louis – Turd bowl. Rams at home. 

Carolina at N.Y. Jets – Turd bowl II. Painters.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta – Falcoons.

Miami at Buffalo – Dolphins

Washington at Philadelphia – Fat Reid > lame duck Zorn

Cleveland at Cincinnati – Bungles

Indianapolis at Houston – Indy. Never, never, never bet on the Tixans

Jacksonville at San Francisco – Turd bowl III. Niners at home

Kansas City at San Diego – Marmalard > Matt “I’m better than Scott Mitchell” Cassell

Chicago at Minnesota – Farva sulk > Cutler sulk

Arizona at Tennessee – Cards. However, Fisher will get a few fist pumps.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore – Steelers > the purple camo brigade

New England at New Orleans – Mole face > pretty face


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