No more bye weeks!

UPDATE: So, 12 of 13.  Not bad.  Should I henceforth be known as “Vest the Greek”?

Finally. No more bye weeks. Bye weeks are just a way for the man to keep us, the degenerate gamblers, dazed and confused. On to the picks!

Indianapolis at Baltimore  Fetus > Unibrow Bert.  Nuff said.
Seattle at Minnesota  Farva beans > Hasselbackpain
New Orleans at Tampa Bay  I won’t dignify this one with a response
Atlanta at N.Y. Giants  Hmmm.  Tough one.  Gents at home.
Washington at Dallas  Gentiles > Jews
Pittsburgh at Kansas City  No Troy, no problem.
Buffalo at Jacksonville  Ugh.  Who cares.  Jags, since I have to pick
Cleveland at Detroit  See above.  Lions at home.
San Francisco at Green Bay  Another crap fest.  Pack at home.
Arizona at St. Louis  The chosen QB returns to the temple to stick it to Judas.
Cincinnati at Oakland  Limb, I am coming way out on you.  Raiders
San Diego at Denver  Marmalard > no spleen albino
N.Y. Jets at New England  Pats.  However, Rex Ryan will eat a Patriot at some point
Philadelphia at Chicago  White choker = black choker.  I’m going with black choker

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