UGA Fans = UGH!

So, recently the Vest’s other half purchased UGA – Tennesse Tech football tickets. Oddly enough, this game happens to be UGA’s homecoming game, which speaks volumes about the strength of the Mighty Golden Eagles.

Having prior familial commitments, The Vest can’t make the game on Saturday.  Naturally, The Vest tried to pawn the tix off on some of Dawg nation.  Dawg fans would love the chance to attend homecoming against a patsy opponent, right? 

Weak opponent?  Check.

UGA homecoming?  Check.

Decent weather?  Check.

But nooooooooooo!  A survey of at least a half-dozen of self proclaimed “Dawg Fans” brought about the response of  “nah, the Dawgs suck this year”.

What the hell, people?  Are you fans, or are you not.  Obviously NOT!  The ole Dawg bandwagon has handicap accessible hand rails and ramps for easy ingress and egress (nice vocabulary, huh).  Easy to get on, easy to get off.

Up yours, Dawg “fans”


Careful, don't fall off the bandwagon too hard!


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