The Vest’s weekly NFL picks – Week 7 – *Updated*

The Vest goes 9 for 13.  I’ll post up my low cost 1-800 number later today.

Indianapolis at St. Louis  Duh!  Indy.

New England at Tampa Bay  Double Duh!  Patsies.  How is this a home game for Tampa?  Bloody hell!    
San Francisco at Houston  Ugh.  Who cares.  Since I have to pick, I’ll take the home team.    
Minnesota at Pittsburgh  Minnefarva.  Ha!  Just kidding.  Roll on Steelers.    
San Diego at Kansas City  Marmalard all the way.    
Green Bay at Cleveland  Packers.    
N.Y. Jets at Oakland  Jets.  The Raiders can’t win two in a row.    
Buffalo at Carolina  Ugh.  I wouldn’t watch this on if they played it on Kim Kardashian’s ass, which is big enough.  Home team Panthers.    
Chicago at Cincinnati  Da Bears.     
New Orleans at Miami  Aints keep rolling.    
Atlanta at Dallas  Falcons! Falcons!  Falcons!  Sorry Ammo Guy.    
Arizona at N.Y. Giants  Gents.    
Philadelphia at Washington  Worst MNF ever!  Iggles.


  1. Ammo Guy Said:

    66% so far. You could get a job at FOX with those stats.

  2. Ammo Guy Said:


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