Ray Ray and Slacco

Ray Ray to Slacco during the Ratbird – MinneFarva game:

Ray and Joe

Ray Ray:  Dogs in the HOUSE!  Woof woof woof!  Ain’t no old man gonna throw on us Dogs.  Ain’t nobody gonna run on us Dogs <Ragnar runs up the middle for 6 yards and trips over Ed Reed>  All you gotta do Slacco is not lose the game for us.

Slacco:  Ok

Ray and Joe

Ray Ray:  that’s what I’m talking about dog.  Ain’t no qb’s gonna throw on God-Buddha-Alla-Mohammed-LRonHubbard’s linebacker <opposing qb’s roll up an 86.9 rating>

Slacco:  ok.

Ray Ray:  every offense better fear the D <unblocked, sacks a 40 year old qb and dances giving praise to L Ron Hubbard>

Ray Ray:  that’s right old man.  Feel the wrath of the Hubbard! <old man stands in pocket for 10 minutes, lobs a lame duck 40 yards downfield>

Slacco:  dammit

Ray Ray:  that’s ok old man.  Ain’t nobody gonna kick a field goal on us <kicker older than dirt comes out and kicks a field goal>

Slacco:  dammit

Ray Ray:  that’s ok.  We still the best D in the league <gives up 24 points to the Chefs>  Ain’t nobody can get stabby like us!

Slacco:  dammit



  1. Zgirl Said:

    I have no idea what any of this means. I’m going to pass it along to my NFL crazy friend and see if she can provide insight. Or is there a translation available?

  2. Mother Said:

    Another blog to add to my daily must read list. Good work

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