I can’t believe this page is still up……

This place sucks

This place sucks


Driving the Viking ship to the new land

15.1 hours and 28 landings

15.1 hours and 28 landings and the Vest is still in one piece. The same can’t be said for the instructor…..

President’s day

Is President’s day intended to celebrate our great presidents, or to compensate us for the sorry ones?

8.0 Hours and Climbing

So, the Vest blew through 8.0 hours today.  Slowly but surely, the Vest is taking to the sky.

Today was slow flight and power on stalls.

Instructor:  slow flight maneuvers are required as part of the practical examination for the check ride.

The Vest:  Why the hell would the Vest want to go slow?

Instructor:  slow flight maneuvers simulate traffic patterns before landing and after takeoff.

The Vest:  The original question still stands.

Instructor:  let’s just move on.  Power on stalls simulate a blown takeoff or an excessive angle of attack while in flight.

The Vest:  So, stalls simulate how to recover after a screw up.

Instructor:  Exactly.

The Vest:  The Vest doesn’t plan for failure.  You don’t see people practicing falling down or practicing break ups or divorces.

Instructor:  Nonetheless, the correct reactions need to be practiced.

The Vest:  Ok, is this right?

 Instructor:  Give me the controls!  You are going to kill us!

Vest:  So, what’s next?  Practicing crashing and removing a catheter?

Double the pleasure

So The Vest doubled his flight time in one weekend. The Vest isn’t sure this is a good thing or just pathetic.

Ground transportation is for suckers

The Vest is sick and tired of flitting around on the ground with mere mortals, that’s why he is taking to the sky. 5.1 hours into flight training, and only 10,000 hours and $1,000,000,000 to go, the Vest is well on the way to the sky.

Does this thing come in Red, White, and Black?

Still alive?

Holy crap, is this craptastic blog still up? I seriously forgot my password. I’ll try to post up some stuff for my own amusement.  Its gonna take some hard work to get back up to the 8 views per day range.  Ah, the glory days.

Ben, O Ben

When will Big Ben stop letting Little Ben make all the decisions? Until we find out, I guess the sign below will be posted on all GA bathroom doors.

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